Mel Semmler

Hi there, I’m Mel Semmler!

I’m a personal trainer and have been working with women for over 13 years. It wasn’t until I had children of my own however that I realised just how much us women actually do! I mean come on!!?

So the 40 Day Lifestyle Challenge was born – a program that is realistic, easy to follow, dare I say even FUN and designed to achieve not only results but create healthy habits that will serve you and your family for the remainder of your life.

I’ve always treated my clients with the holistic vision of helping them achieve a healthy lifestyle that becomes so ingrained that they don’t even notice it! My sessions have always gone far beyond push ups and numbers on a scale – my passion lies just as much in the kitchen as it does in the gym.

Outside of work, I’m happiest on family walks outside; husband, kids, push bikes and dog in tow aswell in the kitchen trialling new recipes…I promise I’m not far off creating a delicious sugar free HEALTHY banana cake!! True story!

We’re sure to be friends if you dream of…

A Life Full of Balance and Love

A Warm Cup of Coffee in *Silence*

Weekend Getaways

An Empty Laundry Basket

A Free, Full Time Cleaner!