Frequently asked questions.


1.    Do I need to join a gym?

No, the workouts are designed for at home or at the gym!  If you are in Port Lincoln you could come and join in my classes.

2.   What equipment is required for the at home workouts?  

To get the maximum results out of your program a few key pieces of equipment are required; Dumbbells, kettlebell(optional), step, skipping rope.

3.    Can I message you with questions?  

Yes! You can contact me on the  facebook community or via our email.  I will respond as soon as possible.

4.    How often should I exercise and for how long? 

I recommend at least 3 times a week for 30-45mins  

5.    Is a wine or two ok per week? 

Yes this is ok!  Its about creating a balanced lifestyle!  So a glass or two once or twice a week is fine. 

6.    Can I swap or substitute meals?

Yes! If you are a creature of habit and like the same breakfast or lunches then it is fine to repeat them!  

 7.    When should I start to lose weight?  

This program is not about weight loss its about creating a balanced lifestyle and giving you tools to create healthier meals and choosing healthier alternatives.  

8. Can I substitute fish or an alternative protein?  

Yes you sure can!

9. What if I’m gluten free? 

Most meals in the program can be made gluten free.

10. Can I drink coffee?  

Yes, I recommend one standard coffee without sweeteners

11. What else do I need to be aware of?

Please read my terms and conditions page here.