The 40 Day Lifestyle Challenge is a digital guide, available instantly and also emailed straight to your inbox, twice weekly…to keep you on track!

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  • 40 Day (6 Week) Simple & Healthy Meal Plan

  • 40 Day (6 Week) Realistic Fitness Program

  • Member Access to Downloadables/Resource Page

  • 24/7 Access To Me for all Q&As via Private Facebook Community Group

  • Live Training Partner – I do the course with you!

  • Great Value at just $229!

What’s Inside?

Once you purchase and join the Challenge, you’ll immediately receive everything you need via an email straight to your inbox. 


For those who like to be organised, access will be granted to our Members Only Resources Page which contains all 40 Day Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Recipes and Exercise Plans for you to peruse in the lead up the our start date. Download, print, start practising…do what ever you like! 


Then, once our challenge has commenced you can expect to receive 2 emails from me weekly. Meal Plans and Shopping Lists are emailed out on Thursdays (to give you time to shop over the weekend) and your weekly Exercise Plan is emailed super early on Monday mornings. Although you have access to these resources from Day 1, we find these emails help to keep you on track and accountable! 


Lastly and most excitingly, my local clients always mention they feel more likely to succeed when they have not only me egging them on but as a training partner too…which is why, thanks to technology, I’m going to do the challenge LIVE with all of you

All members receive access to a Private Facebook Community Group where you’ll have 24/7 access to a personal trainer…me…to answer all your Q&As as we go. I’ll also be joining in on the challenge and will share updates, pics of my recipes, videos of correct technique and more. It’s here you’ll also be able to engage with other members and share the journey together. 

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40 Day Winter Challenge Starts August 19th, 2019

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This program is designed around Mel Semmler’s way of eating, these are her recipes that have been tried and tested in her kitchen * Please consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness regime.* Read more