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Are you a mum? A 9-5 worker? A woman in charge of keeping her household afloat? Then my 40 Day Lifestyle Challenge was created exactly for you.

Simple and Healthy Meal Plans


Equally as important as moving your body is what you put into it, but I get it…coming up with what to cook the family every night is exhausting! That’s why I’ve done it for you – shopping list included!

Count Your Colours Not Your Calories - Mel Semmler

The above serves as my motto whenever I’m in the kitchen and you can expect to see it throughout all of my meal plans...serving you up a rainbow diet!

The program is just about eating real food, watching our portion sizes, eliminating the processed and packaged foods. There’s no calorie counting and it’s back to basics like my parents and grandparents used to eat!
— Kathryn Doudle
I am loving all the food, it’s really life changing for me! I told my husband I am not going back to my old food, it’s not all about the weight loss for me, I feel a million bucks and that’s worth everything as a busy mum!!!
— anonymous
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Sorry – there’s no way getting around this one…moving your body is paramount however it doesn’t need to be excessive, it can in fact be (wait for it…. ) fun!!! 

Motivation is what gets you started…but it’s habit that keeps you going.” – Mel Semmler

Food and exercise go hand in hand as does moving your body and finding balance within your lifestyle. I’m here to help you achieve just that - balance.

My realistic fitness programs will have you feeling fantastic and won’t seem daunting!

When I started my first challenge and training with Mel I was reasonably fit but not getting results. Just going to the gym for me wasn’t enough. During the first challenge, I saw fabulous results, losing 7.5kg and gained so much more energy.
— Mandy Drummond
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One of the most successful indicators of achieving success is support and accountability and you can bet, I’ll be here 24/7 to provide you with that! I’ll be not only available 24/7 in our private Facebook forum but I’ll also be joining in on the challenge with you as you do it. 

My aim? To make each client smile despite the sweat! 
– Mel Semmler

During the 40 Day Lifestyle Challenge you will have access to a Private Facebook Community Group where you are free to contact me with any questions, check in with other women on the challenge as well as follow along with me as I go through the challenge with you, each and every day. I’ll be sharing photos of my recipes as I cook them, videos for technique and hosting plain old Q&As. 

Having the accountability is what I need and by the end of the 40 days, I was lighter, the measurements really were the surprise and lost centimetres, and mentally I felt so much better, with clarity and happiness.
— Kathryn Doudle
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40 Day Winter Challenge Starts August 19th, 2019

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This program is designed around Mel Semmler’s way of eating, these are her recipes that have been tried and tested in her kitchen * Please consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness regime.* Read more